Experiences with Samla funds

When Samla started in 2015, 13 investors joined. The number of investors has grown gradually, mainly through recommendations.

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Pasi Valoranta, Lighthouse Invest Ltd

“Through active work, Samppa Lajunen has been able to find attractive investments into which investing alone would not be possible.”

Pasi Valoranta is the founder of Enegia Ltd (formerly known as Energiakolmio Ltd). He’s an active investor and the Chairman of Board of private equity company Midinvest Ltd. Valoranta is also a member of Samla Capital’s board and a member of the Advisory Board of Samla Business Premises trust.

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Risto Jämsen

“Joining the team of Samla Capital’s investors has given me the opportunity to focus on my own work and leave my investments in the hands of Samla’s professionals.”

Risto Jämsen has a remarkable working history. Just to mention a few of his positions, he has been a CEO of Panda, CEO of Jyväskylä Region Development Company JYKES and Investment Director of Midinvest Management Ltd. Currently he is the CEO of Makulaku Lakritsa Ltd and Green Taste Ltd.

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Ulf Forsström, Nordico-Trading Oy

“I joined the team of Samla Capital’s investors because I rely on Samppa Lajunen’s way of working based on my previous experiences of co-operation with him. The investments in Samla Business Premises trust has brought me several advantages: diversifying the investments is easier and I can use my time to focus on my work.”

Ulf Forsström is the founder of Sultrade Ltd, the third largest wholesaler of sports and leisure clothing in Finland. He works as an real estate investor in Nordico-Trading Ltd. Forsström is part of the Advisory Board of Samla Capital’s Business Premises.

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Sari Harvia-Jyllinmaa

“Samla Capital is a reliable, entrepreneur-driven and hardworking real estate investment company with strong know-how and the ability to find profitable investments in Finnish growth centres. It’s great to be involved in Samla’s story, and the returns are brilliant.”

Sari Harvia-Jyllinmaa has worked as the Chief Financial Officer at Harvia Ltd. At the moment, she’s one of Harvia’s owners and works as an active investor and business influencer.

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Teemu Tapper

“I decided to become an investor, because the investment strategies of both Samla funds work in practice. Samla’s knowledgeable team has successfully implemented the investment strategy, enabling a good and steady fund performance. I can confidently let Samla Capital take care of my property investments and warmly recommend Samla’s solutions also to other investors.”

Teemu Tapper’s successful career as a growth entrepreneur started in 2005 when he established Samcom Ltd that produces information system solutions. He was awarded as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010. Nowadays he works as the Chief Technology Officer in Soikea Solutions Ltd, which he founded in 2012. Soikea Solutions is a subsidiary company of international Etteplan concern.

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The Evangelical Free Church of Finland (EFCF)

“The EFCF decided to invest in Samla Asunnot Ky. Our goal is to outsource our property investments, because our main task is not to invest in the buildings themselves, but rather primarily in people. Samla’s knowledgeable team, historical performance and high-quality reporting influenced our decision-making. We also felt that Samla shares our values.”

The Evangelical Free Church of Finland is an independent denomination with approx. 16,000 members. The EFCF consists of Swedish, Finnish and Russian-speaking congregations, which number 99 in total. The EFCF has approx. 150 employees and 40 missionaries. The EFCF also performs important social work.