Samla Capital is a Finnish real estate fund management company. The company was founded in 2015 by Samppa Lajunen, a former top-level athlete with strong passion for investing.

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The Story of Samla Capital

Ever since his university days, triple Olympic champion and founder of Samla Capital Samppa Lajunen dreamt of starting his own fund and management company.

Samppa gathered experience by working in the banking sector, investing through his family business and saving capital until the time was right. In 2015, he established Samla Capital and its first fund, Samla Toimitilat Ky. Today, Samla has 4 funds focused on real estate, over 380 investors and assets under its management that total at around EUR 167 million.

Professionalism was something that the triple Olympic champion had to learn at a very early age. Today, professional real estate investing is an integral part of Samla’s corporate culture, guiding our team towards common goals.

We know that success is something you earn and must strive for every day. Excellence only comes from working together. Our growth has been driven by a sustained culture of working hard to exceed goals. These are the principles that enabled Samppa to achieve his Olympic victories. Now, the same work ethic is applied to Samla Capital. Our results stand as evidence of how well this works. We want to make sure that our clients’ investment assets are managed well every single day: responsibly, through collaboration and with a knowledge that goals are made to be exceeded.

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Working hard is part of the Samla way, and it’s one of the things that unites us Samlians. We know that hard work can make a big difference to the returns on your real estate investments. Areas where real estate returns can be increased:

  • Purchases of real estate
  • Active renting operations
  • Property development
  • Marketing & branding
  • Active management

Every single day, we aim to make sure that our investment properties are managed well, responsibly, collaboratively and with the knowledge that goals are made to be exceeded.

Our Values

  • We capitalise well-being
    We invest in tangible, visible properties that support people’s everyday life and work. We operate in areas that generate both good returns for investors as well as a lot of good in society. Well-maintained properties promote the well-being of their users. That is why we say we capitalise on well-being.
  • Goals are made to be surpassed
    We set our goals higher than most. For investors, we aim to generate good returns with moderate risk. For tenants, we strive to provide rental spaces that suit their purposes and meet the tenants’ needs. The returns are not generated at the expense of security. For us, security means utilising the potential for future value growth and ensuring adequate diversification. The only way to surpass goals is through hard work – and that is what we are used to doing. Doing more with higher quality, tenacity and sustainability enables us to keep improving our performance.
  • Together
    We have a team of real estate investment professionals, each with a  specific set of skills and responsibilities. We also have an employee substitution system so none of the work rests on an individual employee’s shoulders. Our excellence is the result of collaboration. By working together, we achieve more. Together, we can diversify investments across several properties, while concentrating work into a single organisation. We have the best experts and advisors at our disposal. Through our team, we have access to more knowledge, skills and experience than anyone could have on their own.
  • Passion
    Performing the work that allows us to exceed our goals requires the right attitude. Our goals are focused on ensuring the well-being of property tenants, generating returns for our investors, and also challenging ourselves and continuously improving our proficiency. To do all this, we need the right attitude – we need passion.

Key figures

71 200 m2
Surface area for rent
Business licence
Alternative fund manager's licence (Financial Supervisory Authority)
167 M€
Value of investments under management
Alternative investment funds with a real estate strategy
2,4 M€
Turnover of Samla Capital Oy
Equity ratio of Samla Capital Oy
13,2 % p.a.
Realised annual rate of return (IRR) of Samla Toimitilat Ky
5,6 % p.a.
Realised annual rate of return (IRR) of Samla Toimitilat II Ky
10,1 % p.a.
Realised annual rate of return (IRR) of Samla Asunnot Ky

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