Responsible real estate investment

Samla Capital is committed to responsible investment. We believe that investors and companies that take sustainability into account will benefit in the long run.

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Samla Capital invests in real estate according to the principles of responsible investment

Samla Capital is committed to responsible investment. At Samla, we want to achieve the best possible return on our clients’ investments by exploiting opportunities while managing investment risks effectively. We believe that those investors and companies that take responsibility into account will benefit in the long run. A long-term focus on sustainability will also reduce the long-term externalities of Samla’s assets under management to the natural, social and societal environment.

We also aim to increase openness, transparency and stakeholder trust in our investment activities. To this end, we have integrated ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations into Samla’s investment activities in line with our Responsible Investment Principles.

Samla considers the principles of responsible investment when managing alternative funds with a real estate strategy. Samla acts as a buyer, lessor, operator and developer of real estate and apartments.

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Principles for Responsible Investment

Samla is a signatory to The UN-supported PRI (The Principles for Responsible Investment) 08/2020. These principles have evolved as a global best practice framework for responsible investment and guide the development of Samla’s responsible investment processes. As a signatory to the UN PRI Principles, Samla is committed to:

  • integrate ESG considerations into its investment processes
  • to be an active owner and integrate ESG issues into its ownership practices
  • Promote ESG reporting for its investments
  • Promote the adoption of responsible investment principles in the investment industry
  • promote responsible investment in cooperation with other investors
  • report on their activities and progress on responsible investment.

Samla Capital donates funds to build a village well in Kenya

Kachiliwa village is located in Baringo County, Kenya. Baringo is a very poor and dry region and during the worst droughts it can go up to more than 2 years without rains.

The water from the well has several uses including drinking water, purification and agriculture, benefiting the villagers and the local school.

The project is partnered with Water for the World (W4W), a non-profit organisation that builds integrated water systems in dry areas of Kenya, under a partnership agreement with Fida International.

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Samla Capital financed the construction of a school for 200 children in Bangladesh

In August 2017, an attack by the Myanmar army on Rohingya Muslim villages forced hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to leave their homes and flee persecution abroad. Most of them settled in Cox’s Bazar in southern Bangladesh, where the world’s largest refugee camp, Kutupalong, sprang up in just a few months. The Kutupalong camp is home to around 600,000 people and is surrounded by several smaller Rohingya villages.

Through a donation from Fida International, we funded a school building for 200 children next to the Kutupalong refugee camp, which was completed in September 2020. The school will be built and run by Fida’s local partners. The new school building will expand the existing school in the area with two classrooms, an office and accommodation facilities. The school will provide the children in the refugee camp with the shelter, safety and education they need to support their future.

Samla Capital encouraging young people

Sport and exercise are close to Samla’s owners’ hearts – after all, one of our founders is a former Olympic skier. We want to help people discover the healing power and joy of movement, and help young, ambitious athletes get ahead in their goals. We support local sports clubs and are actively involved in fundraising and sponsorship in the world of sport.

In spring 2019, Samla Capital distributed more than 100 scholarships to primary school students in Jyväskylä. With these scholarships, we want to be involved in encouraging young people to study and encourage them to achieve and exceed their goals.

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